Rachel At Imaging USA

Imaging USA Boudoir:Raising The Bar

We just received our ‘Official’ artwork from PPA for Imaging USA this January in Phoenix. Pretty Swank stuff. We hope to see so many of you there. Also, look for Rachel and Rachel Stephens Photography for Women in the November issue of Professional Photographer Magazine as they are running a story on our her and our business.

Rachel Stephens presents Boudoir: Raising the Bar at Imaging USA 2014

Rachel Stephens presents Boudoir: Raising the Bar at Imaging USA 2014

Two Retouching E-Books Every Photographer Should Have

Julia Kuzmenko McKim | Visual Artist: Retouching Books

Being an educator of photographers you might find my recommending another educator odd. However, Julia Kuzmenko McKim has been instrumental in helping me grow as an artist. I am self taught and busy beyond imagination, finding time to learn has been daunting.

There is a lot of Retouching help and instruction available on the internet, but finding someone offering useful information both in technical and artistic applications is few and far between. I love her work and her books have helped me push forward as an artist and ultimately, as an educator to other photographers.

Her books are easily understood by the layman and come with custom brushes and her own beauty helper actions. I have never used custom beauty brushes before and these brushes alone were worth the cost of the books and they have shown a marked improvement of my retouching especially addressing stray hair, defining lip lines in the skin and preserving texture in the skin using layer masks.

For the beginner to the advanced user, these books should be in every photographers arsenal:

Click on the images to find out more about these two instructional books and get your copy.

Disclaimenr: We are an affiliate for Julia Kuzmenko McKim and receive a commission if books are purchased. However, I also have devoured both of these books and would put my name and reputation behind them.

RSPActions Powdery Skin Photoshop Action

My Photoshop Action Powdery Skin!!! This is my favorite retouching Skin Action….Ever!! The action is included in RSPActions ‘The Whole Shebang!’ The Powdery Skin action smooths the skin and you can apply a brightening glow for perfect beauty retouching in Photoshop.

RSPActions Powdery Skin Photoshop Action

Photoshop Actions: Powdery Skin by RSPAcitons .

On all of my actions that have smart filters you can customize and adjust the filter to suit your needs, image by image. To customize the effect to your image all you need to do after you are done painting the skin is double click on the filter names listed under ‘Smart Filters’ located beneath each layer.


To smooth the skin in this Photoshop action double click the HIGH PASS smart filter and move the slider to desired strength.

Final to bring back the skin texture, which is imperative in retouching, double click the GAUSSIAN BLUR smart filter and move sliders to desired strength.


Preserved Skin Texture after applying the Powdery Skin Photoshop Action.

Preserved Skin Texture after applying the Powdery Skin Photoshop Action.

This skin action speeds up my production time so much it is ridiculous. –Rachel

The Whole Shebang!’

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews

The Whole Shebang Photoshop Actions Make-Up Kit- RSP Actions

‘The Whole Shebang’ Photoshop Actions set: ‘Make-Up Kit’

Photoshop Actions Make-Up….. let’s first apply:

Eye Liner, Eyebrow Brush, Smokey Brown Shadow, Lip Gloss, Universal Blush

RspActions Whole Shebang Photoshop Action Set Base image RSPActions Photoshop Action Set Whole Shebang Make-Up-Kit

Many people have wondered how to apply make-up in Photoshop for Beauty Retouching. RSPActions ‘The Whole Shebang’ Photoshop Action Set includes a full service make-up kit.  No longer do you need to surf the web looking for tutorials on how to Beauty Retouch this one Photoshop Action Set has you covered.

Below are a few examples. We will start with an original base image we have already applied Exposure and Retouch Powerhouse Mixers from The Whole ShebangTM. These Powerhouse Mixers get the job done fast on all of your images.

Let’s go a little more ‘Dramatic’ with the Make-up Kit so you can really see what it does. In our final example we will use the image with ‘Exposure & Retouch Powerhouse Mixers’ as our base and our final image will be from the RSPActions’ Photoshop Action Set ‘The Whole Shebang’Make-up kit again. This time we will use:

Powder Puff, Bronzer, Gold Eye Shadow, Highlighter Shadow, Siren Red Lip Color, Lip Gloss

RspActions Whole Shebang Photoshop Action Set Base image Photoshop Actions Makeup kit from The Whole Shebang Photoshop Action Set by RSPActions

The Whole Shebang Action Set Photoshop Actions by RSPActions Just $75.00 over 160 Powerful actions, one low price.